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I haven’t touched this blog since March. Hard to believe it’s been that long, and at the same time it makes sense. About a week after my last post, my life as I knew it essentially imploded on itself. Big time. Whilst trying to pick up the pieces, I’m sorry to say that much like…

So when I started The Snarky Fit Project, I knew three four things: My jeans didn’t fit. The drill instructor approach and the super fluffy guru approach both did not work for me. Other people are trying to get healthy too. I’m better at helping other people than helping myself, so I’d better make this a community…

So by now, if you follow me at all on facebook or instagram (I can’t figure out snapchat, so please don’t even add me), you know that I went from total skeptic to true believer with Shakeology. I probably owe you a post on exactly why that is, but that’s a story for a different…

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